PS3 :: How To Get Paid To Play PlayStation 3 Games?

We love talking about XBOX 360 games. We giving you the inside edition to the game industry on how to get paid to test PlayStation 3 Games. Recently, PS3 GAMES side by side with XBOX 360 games you would know to much difference in the games on how they handle, how they game interactions with playing and game testing PlayStation 3 games.

So, how do you get paid to test video games PS3, PlayStation 3? You have to start out knowing how to test games. Applying for the job as a game tester, not knowing your job function, the skills you need or what technical advantage if you any you will need, not knowing anything will lead to ‘doom and gloom’ no game tester job.

How To Start Getting Paid to Play Games?

I would suggest you need to love playing games you shouldn’t be just playing PS3 games, play XBOX 360 Games, and Wii Games. Why? You don’t always know who will employ you to get paid to play on there system games. Its better know how to test games by seeking “bugs” in the system. Get Started NOW!


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  1. I really love to play on games on a playstation. Gotta love those games and great graphics. The best website:

  2. Randal storey

    I love to play game all day everyday fun

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