XBOX 360 Game Testers Jobs :: Get Paid To Play Games‏!

XBOX 360 Game Testers Jobs are in high demand in USA, Canada, Germany, Australia,  and Netherlands. No experience necessary. No College Degree required. Seasonal Jobs, Full Time Jobs, Part-Time Game Tester jobs are in full demand. (Some of these jobs may require you to relocate)
Pays up to $60.00 per hour. Annual average salary is $35,000.00 per year!

Why Most Won’t Get Game Tester Job?

Why 88% who apply for game tester jobs won’t get the job?They know nothing about testing video games.** Employers need skilled game testers who know how to do there job. What’s the solution? Is have all the Game Developers, Complete Game Tester Course and Pro Game Tester that will teach you all in inside secrets for you going PRO!

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**(Were telling you this information to separate you from ‘want to be game testers’. Getting advantage in job market makes all the difference for testing video games on XBOX 360 Game Systems.)

#1) Complete Game Tester Course. Plus, +140 game tester jobs data base including XBOX 360, PS3, and Wii. Best money you ever spend!

Should I Go To College To Get Into The Game Industry?

College is great. However, most have pay for higher education. Higher Education is not free, while some will qualify for Grants that will offset the expenses of books, room board and other expenses. You could spend over $24,000.00 on College and be in debt for life.

NO COLLEGE DEGREE REQUIRED. Get into the video game industry while you can. Why? You can get the edge advantage become a game tester on XBOX 360 game systems know exactly what employers want and get paid as high as $60.00 per hour!

Get The WINNING Edge Now!***

***(Get the edge advantage of becoming a game tester complete course that will teach you how to game test, where exactly to apply for XBOX 360 Game Tester Jobs and 140+ Jobs with one data base! Don’t delay someone is getting the job right now as game tester!)


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