Game Tester Jobs XBOX ONE, XBOX 360, PS3, PS4, Wii Games! – How To Get Hired and Keep Your Game Tester Job?

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Game Tester Jobs XBOX ONE, XBOX 360, PS3, PS4, Wii Games. The #1 Best Advice on ‘How To Get Hired and Keep Your Game Tester Job?’

Game tester jobs testing XBOX 360, PS3, PS4, and Wii games are in high demand. How to get hired to test XBOX 360, PS3, PS4 or Wii game systems? I’m going to share with you…..

Video Games The Global Market

Global gamers are worldwide. Game Developers are moving more into 3D games with sophisticated technology that allows gamers to interact each other worldwide. The Game Industry loves game players on XBOX 360, PS3, (NEW) PS4, and Wii game systems. Why? The Game Industry is a 62.7 Billion dollar profit monster and growing!

Why Game Developers Needs Game Testers?

  • Testing, testing! Before any great video game can be released it has to pass QA. The glory of GT’s (Game Testers) are really at the bottom of the ladder with a heavy responsibility of finding errors, (or what we call “bugs” in games) Beta format on game systems to be played on XBOX ONE, XBOX 360, PS3, (NEW) PS4, and Wii Game Systems. The more exciting game are Produced the more Game Testers will be needed to test video games!

How To Get Hired and Keep Your Game Tester Job?

Step #1) You must live within USA, U.K, Canada, Australia, Germany, France. (Some other area of the world may apply) If you live near a (GD) Game Developer you definitely want to work in the building office** with a team who you be working with on these new video games. What if I don’t live near (GD)? Matt my friend made over $70,000.00 all from home on his couch testing video games. It is possible you could make this amount or more!

Step #2) Where can find these Game Tester Jobs? These Game Tester Jobs are not found news paper classifieds or TV ads. They are hard to find. What to do? ONE website that has all GAME DEVELOPMENT JOBS + LIFETIME ACCESS JOB DATA BASE + GET COMPLETE SKILLS TO TEST THESE GAMES!

Step #3) How stay on your job without getting fired? Learn WHAT TO DO and WHAT NOT DO in game testing. Learning from an actual game tester (experienced pro game tester) who has proven abilities will help you AVOID the pit falls that can lead being fired! – For More Information!

Step #4) In letters of TEAM there is NO letter “I”. Are you a team worker? How are you working with others? Some great game players are NOT good in working with a team in QA. MUST be excellent with working others on a TEAM!

Step #5) Excellent work history. We all had some crappy jobs. With these jobs how well did you perform on your last or current job? Do have excellent attendance on your last job? Did you show up on time for work? Do you exceed or meet your expectations from your former employer? Can you work on your own and meet deadlines? How do you dress sloppy, professional, casual, or attire needs to be improved? The question is ‘What would your former employer say about your work ethic?’

Step #6) What are employers looking for in GT’s? More employers are looking for humble employees to train NOT the “hot gamers” who know how to master all the games. GD’s design games to be played to be fun, the more popular the video game, the more sales. What Employers don’t want? Employers don’t want someone who is a ‘know it all and don’t listen to anyone else’ attitude. Therefore, check your attitude with your face expressions. You may be able to master all the games you play (leave that attitude for the playing games NOT in game testing). Remember, be humble and willing to work hard attitude will go long way!

Step #7) How willing are you to work? Are you willing to start out P/T? Are you willing to work a Seasonal Job? Are you willing to work O/T? If you be working in an Office are you willing to work late nights, weekends, and meet deadlines? NOTE: Some (GD) employers may start you out in a Seasonal Job or P/T to test you out on their team. Depending on how well you do and perform on your job, the (GD) may offer you a F/T Job. Not all (GD) are the same or have the company polices so BEWARE they may test you!

Step #8) No College Degree Required to get these jobs in game testing. How to move up from a Game Tester? If you are successful on your jobs in Game Testing some employers MAY have additional benefits to help you move up to an (SGPD) depending on the (GD) company you work for testing XBOX 360, PS3, PS4 or Wii Games. If no benefits are available in the (GD) company your working for inform your employer want to MOVE up by taking College Course and WANT to move up in the Game Industry. You may WANT to be (SGPD) Software Game Programming Design (This technical term may vary from different Employers in GD or College Course, check with your local University or College in your area.) and requires a College Degree in programming but NOT in Game Testing.

Step #9) If your still hanging on and reading all the way to HERE at this point. The best recommendation I have for you to ONE WEBSITE GET GAME TESTING SKILLS + GAME TESTER JOBS + ACTUAL LEARN FROM PRO GAME TESTER!!

Sara Jones says, “This is the best advice. I’m game testing video games.  I get paid $30.00 to $65.00 per hour testing video games. This is best money you will ever spend!”

FINAL NOTES: Someone is getting paid right now testing video games. Waiting for the right moment won’t happen, you must take action today! ONE WEBSITE GET GAME TESTING SKILLS + GAME TESTER JOBS + ACTUAL LEARN FROM PRO GAME TESTER!

**NOTE: Depending on where you live in the country, you may have to move to the location where the GP’s (Game Producers) are located with GD (Game Development). - Fly High Above All Other Gamers. Test Video Games. Become A Video Game Tester! – Fly High Above All Other Gamers. Test Video Games. Become A Video Game Tester!


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