If you live within the U.K you can get paid top money testing video games. you need the the edge advantage and we have it for you ….. yes USA, Canada game testers are wanted as they will need more game testers testing NEW games.  Start Game Testing!

Xbox Game Tester Get Paid To Play Pro

No experience necessary. Video game testers are wanted.  XBOX Get Paid To Play Games like game systems like XBOX 360. Game tester jobs will increase for 2012-2018. These game testing jobs are hard to find. Top website to help you get into the game testing industry.

#1) How become a game tester? The best #1 website that will not only help you become a game tester, but also with top update game tester data base 140+ jobs worldwide including USA, Canada, UK, China and more.For More Information. 

#2) How to make money testing games for game systems like XBOX 360, PS3, and Wii games. Plus, a NEW way to make money from home. Matt made over $70,000.00 in one year testing games from home. Discover how you can test games from home! For More Information.

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