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PlayStation brand logo

PlayStation brand logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sony, PS4 is all high technology that has been developing since the year 2008 .  The PS4 will blow us away in high tech 3D graphics, faster, better, more responsive, and some hidden new goodies . Right now Sony PS4 is being tested for the new PS4 games and the NEW PS4 Game Systems. We know this because the NEW PS4 Game System and NEW PS4 Games have to be tested and re-tested in QA. Sony has there own QA Department that is testing there PS4 Game System. Right now Sony is testing and re-testing the new high tech PS4 before launching PS4 Game System in 2014. With that in mind, there are no PS4 BETA Game Testers.

Sony PS4 Game System Being Tested Before Launched

“Moments ago, PS4 Lead System Architect Mark Cerny confirmed the specs and design behind PlayStation 4. Specifics are still unknown, but let’s look at what’s confirmed so far:

*Supercharged PC Architecture

*X86 CPU – 8 cores

*Enhanced PC GPU – 2 teraflops


*Local HDD” …. Source from http://www.psu.comPS4 Specs Revealed.

Of course Sony not mentioning much more about the PS4 for security reasons and not leaking to much information. The   “PS4 is equipped with 8 GB of unified system memory, easing game creation and increasing the richness of content achievable on the platform.” – PS4 Specs Revealed.

Those who are testing the PS4 have a very unique job. Before PS4 is going out for sale in 2014 has to go through QA. Will PS3 and PS4 be integrated together?  Most likely not since better 3D graphics, faster speed, and mentioning just the few software goodies that will be added to the PS4 Game System. - Fly High Above All Other Gamers. Test Video Games. Become A Video Game Tester! – Fly High Above All Other Gamers. Test Video Games. Become A Video Game Tester!

PS4 Price For The Game System?

“Perhaps Sony learned from its PS3 announcement, which featured fans recoiling from its $599 price point, but if Sony can’t bring the price down to something manageable, E3 or another press event will bring more of the same.” – Source from – For More Information


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