XBOX ONE/PS4 Game Tester Secrets Revealed A NEW Way To Get Paid To Test Video Games At Home! 

XBOX ONE / PS4 Game Tester Secrets Revealed How To Game Test At Home!

XBOX ONE/PS4 Game Tester Secrets Revealed A NEW Way To Get Paid To Test Video games At Home!

I’m going to reveal for you how you can get paid to play XBOX ONE / PS4 video games from your couch! Not only will you be able play and test the newest video games like Forza Motorsport 5 that is exclusive only to XBOX ONE. Test the NEW video game Forza Motorsport 6 announced on January 12, 2015 by Developer Turn 10 Studio. Be able to TEST Sony, PlayStation 4, PS4 exclusive video games like Gran Turismo 7 and PlayStation 4 biggest exclusive games for 2015.

We’re going to show you how to become a XBOX ONE or PS4 Game Tester. If you follow what we have here of these hidden secrets you will be able to become a Game Tester at home testing XBOX ONE or PS4.


First we need to tell what NOT to DO.You can’t just go down to Microsoft or Sony knock on there door and say, ‘I want to test your video games!’. As a pro game tester I can tell you that this approach does not work. Calling Microsoft or Sony won’t help you either. What will happen? What will happen is you will find the gate keeper and the gatekeeper will transfers you to the person that she thinks that is the appropriate call for that person. In other words all you do is get the runaround!

I get asked this question a lot ‘Will just applying for the position help me?’ No, this approach does not work either. I know game testers who applied for the position and they are still waiting to this day to get called.


Game tester office jobs (QA) are only located in certain parts of the USA, California. Guess what? Most us don’t live in California. You have to MOVE to there location. Another drawback is boring office game tester job(s) will only pay $10-$15 hourly. YOU would have to work a rigorous schedule with demanding over time. The game tester office job comes with plenty of stress. Do you want that game tester office job? If you are pursuing College in Developing Video Games, Video Game Programmer or other degrees in the game biz, yea it might be for you. On there hand, most of us are NOT pursuing a COLLEGE DEGREE, we just WANT to test and play cool video games. I’m going to reveal this cool NEW SUCCESSFUL way…


There is NEW way to get paid $20-$50 hourly testing new video games from home! YOU will be able to test video games on your own schedule part-time, full-time, or seasonal. It’s up to you. No experience required. No college degree required. This NEW way to test video games from home is available in USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, GERMANY, FRANCE, or NETHERLANDS. – SECRET #1: Get The ‘Complete Become A Game Tester Course’ that will give you skills and knowledge of Game Testing to become a SUCCESSFUL game tester! (MEMBERS ONLY!) LIMITED TIME HURRY!

Here’s what Thomas D in the USA says…

Well worth the price for under $50 dollars. Here’s why… I tried to look for these game tester jobs all over the place, and I couldn’t find them except for just office job positions. Matt is the ONLY pro game tester that gives you the inside secrets to game test at home XBOX ONE, XBOX 360, PS4, PS3, WII U, PC. Matt’s ‘formula’ is straightforward honesty to a new way to game test at home. Matt gives you the SECRETS to SUCCEED that you can’t find anywhere else…” THOMAS D, USA.. Read more of his comment from, How To Game Test and Get Paid?


No matter your education or background it won’t get your foot into the door to become a game tester at home. You need the exclusive connections to over a hundred and fifty top game developers that are willing to pay you $20-$50 an hour to test their games. These exclusive connections are NOT advertised in classified ads or t.v. SECRET #2: Get The Exclusive Network Connections Over 150+ Game Designers / Developers NOW! (MEMBERS ONLY!) This gives you the edge advantage! You can work for one game developer company or like my friend Matt who works with 24 different companies and makes over $70,000 dollars per year, it’s entirely up to you!


Here’s why: “I applied for a game tester gig and still waiting for the job. My friends told me to download the ‘complete become a game tester course’. I thought it just a ebook. I was WRONG it’s more! I also got the training I needed to TEST video games, also the formula from 8 years experience, proven formula with high end CONNECTIONS to TEST video games from HOME. Thanks to .. safe, secure download, and quickly got paid on my first gig $38.99 hourly!” – T.J WILSON, USA Source from Facebook Page: XBOX ONE / PS4 GAME TESTERS WANTED and GAME TESTERS WANTED XBOX 360 / PS3 / WII

If you WANT to SUCCEED in the VIDEO GAME INDUSTRY and make money TESTING VIDEO GAMES this is for you! Discover how to TEST video games without a COLLEGE DEGREE. Get paid $20-$50+ hourly testing video games! GET STARTED NOW!


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  1. I used to test video games in a game tester office. That’ll change when I read this article. The fact that this pro game tester is actually revealing secrets to becoming a game tester at home is astounding! When I downloaded this at its going to take me at least a week to get some gigs. however, I was really shocked and surprised about 150 different game designers and developers are out there that I didn’t even know has a game tester working in an office before! So having a network connections 150 different game designers, I was able to become a game tester with in that night I got my first gig pay me over $39 dollars an hour! …. I want to do what Matt’s doing and work to have over 24 different companies to work for my home and make over $70,000 a year! Getting paid to test Xbox one and ps4 is so exciting and this is revolutionary these are the true secrets do it and download it at

  2. My name is Randy. I’m 18 years of age and have XBOX ONE and PS4. With no college degree, and no experience in game testing I quickly became a game tester! Matt’s formula works within a few days I got paid over $39.89 hourly on my first gig. Then, my second gig paid me $34.50 hourly testing video games from home!

    I never had such a high paying job in my entire life! I would highly recommend download it and follow Matt’s formula!

    Randy, USA

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