XBOX ONE Game Tester Gets Paid To Test Forza Motorsport 5.  Discover how to become a game tester ro get paid to test XBOX ONE / PS4 video games at

XBOX ONE Game Tester Gets Paid To Test Forza Motorsport 5. Discover how to become a game tester ro get paid to test XBOX ONE / PS4 video games at

Your XBOX ONE / PS4 game tester job QA you will help out game programmers seeking mistakes “bugs”  in the game system. The game industry is worth over 50 billion dollars. These top game developers are willing to pay you $20 per hour up to $50 per hour testing their new video games from home!


AGE: You must be at least 15 years old or older. (Some restrictions may apply in your Country. Check with your local laws before becoming a game tester if you are 15 years old.)


EDUCATION: No experience required. No college degree required.

GAME SYSTEM REQUIRED: Your choice XBOX ONE or PS4 console game system. (You can also test XBOX 360, PS3, WII older generation video game console systems for additional money!)

WORK: XBOX ONE / PS4 Game Testers will have the flexibility to work at your own schedule part-time, full-time, or seasonal.

XBOX ONE / PS4 Game Tester Secrets Revealed How To Game Test At Home!

Foza Motorsport 5 is exclusive only to XBOX ONE. Discover the secrets to a NEW way to test video games from home on XBOX ONE / PS4!

PAY / SALARY: Game Developers are willing to pay $20-$50+ hourly! The more games you test, the more money you make!


Join The #1 Website For Gamers Becoming Pro Game Testers !

This your chance to get into the video game industry to make money testing XBOX ONE / PS4 video games. (Plus, for a limited time get paid to play XBOX 360, PS3, WII for additional money testing new video games.) You get it all to start making money right way testing XBOX ONE / PS4 the NEW next-generation Video Games. Here what you get “Complete Become A Game Tester Course + Over 150 Game Developers That Need Game Testers Right Away! + Learn Everything What To Do and NOT To Do In Game Testing

XBOX ONE / PS4 Game Testers Wanted!   Drive Past All Other Gamers Leave Them In The Dust! TEST top new video games

JOIN THE WINNING TEAM! Drive Your Way To Become A Game Tester XBOX ONE / PS4 at

NOTICE: This NOT a Game Tester QA job application. This ONLY an example of Job REQUIREMENTS. Game Developers are independent and may require more or lass Job REQUIREMENTS. Game Developers are NOT advertised in classified ads or on TV. We can recommend to website(s) to help you develop skills to become a possible game tester, and to help you seek employment learning from an actual game tester. In addition,, cannot guarantee how much money you will be able to earn. Earning income will depend on your skills and background for employment. However, those who are successful can earn a high income being a game tester. (SEE DISCLAIMER)

  1. I’m good at testing video games. I’m only 18 years old. I make more than my brother who went college. My brother asked me how I was able to make over $40.00 hourly at home testing XBOX ONE or PS4 (showed him my big pay checks in the mail) …. he said how can I get paid?


    I didn’t tell my brother or my family, or friends how I successfully became a video game tester. I get paid fully every time. I work my schedule. I can work with as many different game biz companies I want, anytime! 🙂

    How To Get Started?

    I didn’t really want to tell anyone the BIG SECRET to get PAID top money testing video games. I thought about, it how hard it can be to get into the game biz. To get STARTED you need to download at and followed everything in Matt’s formula that my secret! (It’s a pay website, but worth every penny!)

    Download it! You WON’T regret it at all because if I can make over $40.00 hour testing video games at home on XBOX ONE and PS4 so can YOU! —>>

    PS: You don’t need both XBOX ONE and PS4 to make money testing video games. You just need a XBOX ONE or PS4. Also, you can test ps3, xbox 360. .. but it’s better if you have a XBOX ONE or PS4 console game system. So are you serious about video games? You need to discover what I did to become a successful game tester at home NOW before it’s too late! Download at

  2. How do I get started??

  3. Hi, my name is Nathan and im 28. I own my own home and stable internet connection and am a constant game player, could play 12hrs a day and would like to know if there is a way I could make a job out of this?

  4. Where would I start on the road to becoming a tester

  5. I’m only 20 years old. Making over $50+ hourly testing XBOX ONE / PS4 video games at HOME!

    Thank you so much for download and followed Matt’s formula and with a few days top game designers WANTED me to test XBOX ONE / PS4.

    I was so frustrated not finding these jobs. Matt’s reveals all his inside formula that you can quickly become a video game tester FAST without a COLLEGE DEGREE!

    My first job paid me $28.89, then my second job paid me $34.78, then my 4th job paid me over $50.00 hourly!

    I can work for one job or as many as I like testing video games!

    If you serious about video games and want to make money testing video games, I highly recommend

    Brian Davis, USA

  6. Bradley watson

    I would be good for this job I have lots of time and am good at games

  7. Brian Iwanski

    I can play on PS3 or wifi but I would like to try ps4 although I do not have one.

  8. My name is Randy. I’m 18 years of age and have XBOX ONE and PS4. With no college degree, and no experience in game testing I quickly became a game tester! Matt’s formula works within a few days I got paid over $39.89 hourly on my first gig. Then, my second gig paid me $34.50 hourly testing video games from home!

    I never had such a high paying job in my entire life! I would highly recommend download it and follow Matt’s formula!

    Randy, USA

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