Get Paid To Play Games XBOX, PlayStation 3 :: Learn How To Test Future Games Year 2012-2018

Get paid to play games XBOX and PlayStation 3.  Learn how to test future 3-D games.   The most complex game are in 2012. Over 68% want to test video game on the game system of XBOX 360!

English: Game show visitors playing at a line ...

English: Game show visitors playing at a line of Xbox 360 machines; the game is Project Sylpheed, published by Square Enix and Microsoft, but is distorted enough and of a minor portion of the image that it should qualify under de minimis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why Test Video Games?

Game tester jobs like XBOX 360 game systems are in high demand.  The psychological impact of these games are so sophisticated that the game industry is looking for Xbox game testers that will actually test their games under all situations. This may include as far as different age groups, different background situations so that the game will exist in the fastest and most rapid way of smooth access any games for Xbox 360 and revolutionizing the game industry.

How Much Do Game Tester Make (XBOX 360)?

Game testers make on average a great income of money for just testing and playing games.  “As mentioned above written and communication skills are necessary, because you be looking at the whole screen rising and making everything that is both happen within a game. Any errors that you find will be necessary to be able to communicate effectively to the programming team for the game design and its ability to take those errors out of the system.”

Is It Easy To Test Video Games?

Game Testing in flight over Denver, Colorado trick stunt flying over 600 mph. The "bug" in the game, on this XBOX 360 gave out before the game could be recovered. Testing videogames is different from play games. After awhile you get used to being a GT in a QA team!

Game Testing in flight over Denver, Colorado trick stunt flying over 600 mph. The “bug” in the game, on this XBOX 360 gave out before the game could be recovered. Testing video games is different from play games. After awhile you get used to being a GT in a QA team!

Answer: Yes & No.Team testing is the most crucial parts of the game development….. to this matter is to make the game accessible unplayable to all players. That would be to the customers who purchase the game. The players demand these days is High 3-D complex of games, and it’s up to the game tester to test these games on every level in every aspect of the game. The result of these complex games has increasing. The game industry of programed HD games increased more complex for players resulting more “bugs” or errors to the game software.”

How To Get Game Testing Jobs and What To Expect?

“New trainees that join the arena of beta testing games are paid lower than the experienced stalwarts. Don’t get peeved by the fact that you are doing the same thing as the experienced guys and yet getting paid less. Consider the initial projects as training ground so that you can bag the best jobs in the largest companies later. Indeed there is no better way to have fun and make money at the same time.

Games testing companies continue to expand for hiring game testers who are skilled in testing video games for XBOX 360, PlayStaion 3, Wii Games and more jobs for game testing will also include..” – For More Information.


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  1. Im an avid player of any Xbox 360 games and would love to test any game.thank you

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  4. I only use PlayStation 3.

  5. My game tag is cpl cheshire my achievement score is 57,000 now. I have over 400 of my own games that i play. I play about 120 hours a week on xbox360. My number is 1-###-###-### please call me or tx me back would love to get started.

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  10. DTheLoneHunter

    How good Is This? I have been unemployed for 6 mouths now. been trying to find an job. I live an breath video games. I have been thinking of trying to be an game tester but did not know where to look, most websites I did found was scams. So Ya I’am a little leery about this website. I would love to work at home and get paid to play games. It just sounds to good to be true.

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